Loome Party Contributors

Loome Party (Abrams) is always on! We're excited about this book by Loome's inventor and founder, Vilasinee Bunnag. Loome Party was also made possible by amazing contributing artists and makers and this page highlights them and their distinct crafts and creativity.

Pom-Pom Maker, Author, Inventor  |  Loome  |  Book: Loome Party

Dyer, Printmaker, Feminist, Teacher, Author  |  Anna Joyce Design  |  Books: Stamp-Stencil-Paint and Hand Dyed

Co-Founder, Graphic Designer, Community Builder  |  Cattywampus Crafts

Co-Founder, Artist, Collaborator  |  Bookhou, CreateNow Summit  |  Book: Punch Needle

Fiber Artist, Colorist, Weaver  |  Hull Heart

Maker Extraordinaire, Co-Founder, Avid Maker, Author  |  Long Weekend Store, Creativebug, #socialsketch

Founder, Weaver, Artist, Teacher  |   The Weaving School

Expert Crafter, Jewelry Maker  |  Lindsey Crafter

Artist, Maker, Color Enthusiast, Author, Educator  |  CHROMA, Creative Bug  |  Book: A Field Guide to Color, Draw 500 Every Day Things, 20 Ways to Draw a Chair

Fiber Artist, Jewelry Maker, Knotting Teacher  |  Sacred Knots, In The House of Lovers, Wovenutopia

Artist, Associate Creative Director  |  Renegade Craft, Mad Good Dog
@madelonj & @renegadecraft

Founder, Owner, Artist, Confetti Enthusiast, Community Builder  |  Handcraft Studio School

Artist, Weaver, Teacher, Author  |  Maryanne Moodie